Monday, April 15, 2013

Starting My Journey with Feathers

So far I've avoided any free motion quilting designs that have anything to do with feathers. They are not my friend, at least not yet. I've decided that I will continue to draw them until I get that down. THEN I will TRY it out on the sewing machine. Stay tuned. :)

My right side are getting a little better.

My left side? Needs some serious work. 


  1. Sherry ROgers-HArrison has one of my favorite books for learning to draw feathers... I see she has a new one... I have the pink cover... the green one is new! THey have clear overlays so you can trace to practice with an expo marker. My kids love them too!

    I also love Darlene Epp's workbook, though pricey, is where I really learned to draw feathers!!!

    She gives you all the tips and rules of thumb. I still keep them in the pile next to my bed and use them!

  2. Paula,

    Thank you SO MUCH, these are great resources. Can't wait to check them out. :)

  3. Hi! Been browsing through your blog...Love your work! Seen your linky on Quilting Bloggers and came by for a visit!

  4. Thanks Mary, glad you stopped by. :)