Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feathers and More

I have traced, traced, traced, and traced at least a million feathers. OK, maybe not a million, but I found a book that had feathers and I bought tracing paper and went to town. I think it helped. I started doing them freehand and it started feeling a little more comfortable. Now drawing and sewing are two different things, but it DEFINITELY makes it easier if you do all that drawing first.

Looking at the first time I tried feathers is tough, not just because they are ALL over the place, but the scrap fabric is crazy busy. Didn't help that the thread was verigated.

First attempt BEFORE practing on paper

In my NEW first and second attempts you can see that my feathers aren't perfect, but I was just shooting for them to actually look like feathers and I'm pretty happy with them. On the second one (yellow fabric) you can see the parts where my echoing is off but I'm not worried, that will get better.

NEW first attempt

second attempt 

At the same time I've been doodling my feathers I've been trying to draw leaves. Again they looked very easy. They were looking very sad. I was doodling them on EVERYTHING. These I've got down pretty good. They will be going on the boarder of an Irish Chain quilt that I've been working on that will hopefully be done soon.

My leaves on a vine. Sounds like a good name.

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