Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging

I loved the way my Modern Christmas Tree wall hanging came out and I wanted to try something else like it. I have had this fabric for such a long time and thought it was time to cut it up. . .  So I actually did the back first. I needed something for the back of that and thought I would use the rest of the fabric (almost) and create a wonky log cabin. I LOVE the way it looks. I'm going to hang it in my kitchen. It turns out that, that where I like the side I started with? I really like the log cabin better so that is the side I'm calling the front.

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging Front

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging Front_detail

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging Back

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging Back_detail 1

Wonky Flower Wall Hanging Back_detail 2


  1. Both sides look great -- and very nice job on the quilting!

  2. Love this and all of your projects... you inspire me! One of these days I may sit down and just play!! That would be a lot for me to just throw out the directions and create!! I follow directions really well, unless they are "there are no directions"-- then I am stymied... don't know where to start!! Can't wait to see what you do next!