Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Solid Challenge_So Far

I think I mentioned that I went to a quilt retreat last weekend. It was fun. I got there a little late which meant I was at a table by myself. Not that everyone didn't try to remedy this. They were all very nice. I kinda wanted to use the entire table so I stayed where I was. It did feel a little funny at times but to be honest I was sick so it was probably a good thing I was by myself. I went to a few tables and some of the ladies came over and chatted with me, some more than others. It was all good. A whole day of quilting where the only interruptions were to talking with other quilters. So, anyway I took a few projects to work on, of course and I was able to get my Finger Lakes Modern Quilt Guild Solid Challenge top done. We were to use up to seven colors. I've never done a piece like this before. I like it, and I can't wait to start quilting it.

This coming Saturday I'm taking a quilt class at Ivy Thimble, Victor NY. The class is for the pattern Shadowplay. I've been looking for that book, so this the class is perfect.

Happy Quilting   ~   Sherri

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