Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Solid Challenge_So Far

I think I mentioned that I went to a quilt retreat last weekend. It was fun. I got there a little late which meant I was at a table by myself. Not that everyone didn't try to remedy this. They were all very nice. I kinda wanted to use the entire table so I stayed where I was. It did feel a little funny at times but to be honest I was sick so it was probably a good thing I was by myself. I went to a few tables and some of the ladies came over and chatted with me, some more than others. It was all good. A whole day of quilting where the only interruptions were to talking with other quilters. So, anyway I took a few projects to work on, of course and I was able to get my Finger Lakes Modern Quilt Guild Solid Challenge top done. We were to use up to seven colors. I've never done a piece like this before. I like it, and I can't wait to start quilting it.

This coming Saturday I'm taking a quilt class at Ivy Thimble, Victor NY. The class is for the pattern Shadowplay. I've been looking for that book, so this the class is perfect.

Happy Quilting   ~   Sherri

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wonky Top Done

OK, well these were done last week and this is my first chance to get them up. I've been also working on a solid challenge which is surprisingly a challenge. Laugh Out Loud. I actually thought doing a quilt with just a few squares and mostly white would be easy. It has turned out to be a learning experience. More on that latter, I need to get a photo of it first.

More about my wonky quilt. I've gotten a lot of, "that's cool" to a few, "oh wow". Not everyones taste and that's OK with me. I just have to piece them together which is coming along easy enough. I moved a few of the squares around and I think it fits a little nicer. Thinking about a boarder, not sure.

I went to a quilt retreat yesterday. My first and I have to say it was nice. I met quite a few nice woman. I came away feeling like I made some new friends, but at the same time realized I was a little out of my element. I don't know a lot of sewing terms or quilting terms for that matter. I think the one thing that stood out the most and made me realize that I'm a no rules, whatever looks good sort of quilter was when I told one of the women that I had learned this really cool way of doing half square triangles. You take two squares and stitch all four sides and then cut cross ways and you get four half square triangles. She nodded and said, "Yeah that would work". A short pause and then, "but then you would have two that were on the bias." I smiled and thought to myself, oh yeah, I guess I don't really think about that all the time. I really don't. I mean it crosses my mind sometimes but if my fabric is not long enough for a piece I need I turn it around and if it happens to be on the bias, OH WELL. Should I be worried about this? My first thought is no. Do I dream of someday being able to sell my quilts? Yes. SO, should I be worried that I'm not a by the rules sort of quilter? I'm still thinking no. Can I improved my skills? Absolutely. I think that's what I'm doing all the time. Every time I'm in my sewing studio, cutting, piecing, or machine quilting I'm improving. I think that is the lesson I will take away from yesterday. Everyone has something to learn or to teach. Weather it's at home online with quilters or at a retreat watching, talking, and getting to know other quilters. It's all a learning experience.