Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Free Motion Friday - Almost Caught Up

I'm trying to get caught up Motion Friday hosted by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting! This has been the hardest one for me, so far. I had the hardest time getting it started. It looks more like a flower in the center. This one would take a lot of practice. The outside of this one started to work. Like I said, a little more practice and maybe it could work. Maybe. This first one is Leah Day's Stomach Lining.

And now the BRIGHT STAR
This one I liked, I guess because I thought it turned out OK, without too much effort.  Go to Fluffy Sheep Quilting to see more Bright Stars. First you see Leah Day's Bright Star. My fabric piece wasn't exactly square, but non the less OK. You can see her other designs at The Free Motion Quilting Project. 

OK, I think that gets me all caught up until tomorrow. :)

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