Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Motion Friday - Slate Tile

OK, I know, it's Sunday night. Actually Monday morning. I didn't read it correctly last week and didn't realize that the design was already out there. So when I saw on fluffysheepquilting that it was slate tile? oops, I hadn't done it yet. I will have the new one ready for next week.

Here is what slate tile looks like from Leah Day on her blog The Free Motion Quilting Project. 

Here is my attempt at slate tile. Wasn't quite as easy as she makes it look (as always), but I was pretty happy with the results. I sort of ran out of room on one side, but if I was to use this on a quilt I would better prepare for that. Mark at least approx. where the columns would go. The more I look at it the more I think it should be a little LESS uniform. But I guess that's why this is practice.

I also have something I want to throw out there. I'm working on my daughters pink/brown quilt. I'm FINALLY going to start actually quilting it. This is what I had doodled over the summer that I thought might look good. Sorry about the quality of my photos that last couple of days. I've been using my phone and the lighting is off. Anyway this is what I was thinking of doing. I don't want to over quilt this one. I want the quilting to be open.

THEN I started a sample for myself.  I'm not wonderful at flowers, however I think I need to think BIG. I would love feedback/comments/suggestions on this one. I threw a few different kinds of flowers on this one.



  1. I like the flower on the very top left and the pointy one just below it. That one would work great on a Christmas quilt -- it looks like a poinsettia...Nice job on the slate tile as well!

  2. Nice job Sherry! Love your flowers.

  3. The art on your slate tile is beautiful. You gave your readers (like me) another idea of using tiles aside from their usual function as flooring options.