Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Motion Friday - Drop Art

OK, well I know it's Monday, but I just found this today. I have done flowing glass and thought this would be easy. Not so much. It would take a bit of practice to get my drops consistent. They are either too fat or skinny. :) Thank you Fluffy Sheep Quilting for starting this. This encouragement to work on designs I might not of otherwise tried.

my first attempt:

On my second attempt, I tried to do some fills to see what that would look like. I think my favorite is simply echoing inside. I think if I used this design that is what I would do.

my second attempt:

I'm working on getting my machine flush with my table. When that happens I will get the Supreme Slider. I have a couple different pairs of gloves that my husband have bought for me. I have to admit that the ones that I bought for myself are the best so far. Don't laugh . . .   I tried using my rubber (dishwashing) gloves one day just to see how they would work. I like them. 

Can't wait to see what's next on Friday.


  1. Awesome! Both attempts are good, but your second attempt ROCKS!

  2. Looking good! Have you tried Machingers?

  3. Thanks ladies . . . no, what are machingers?

  4. looks great - love the different "fillings"

  5. Are you sure you need the practice Sherri - this looks perfect to me!!? Will have to try drops with fillings...

  6. this looks excellent to me! Welcome to the group though- we will all get better with practice?