Monday, September 26, 2011

Pink Raffle Quilt

OK, I do remember telling you that I wasn't sure how good at this I would be. I've never been very good at writing in a journal, although I've tried in the past.

I have several projects in my studio that I should be working on. That might be the problem there, "several projects".

I read somewhere where this woman only works on ONE project at one time, only has enough fabric to work on that ONE project and never has scraps. I can't imagine that. I sometimes wish I was that disciplined, but then again maybe not. I may not get a lot of projects done, but when I do I'm very proud of them, and maybe I shouldn't change what isn't broken.

The last couple of years I've been very involved in the local Relay For Life committee. Here are a couple of quilts that I've made to help raise money for such a great cause.

Here is the pink raffle quilt. I loved this one. I had originally bought the fabric with my best friends niece in mind. This little peanut was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer at the age of three. I ended up making her a quilt from puppy fabric instead. I will show some other quilts from her fundraising dinner at a later time.

Anyway this fabric has pink cancer ribbons on it and love prints, pink flowers, and just beautiful fabrics. It was a jelly roll.  It came out perfect. I had never done a quilt like this and didn't think about the fact that when I started piecing the rows that I needed to alternate sewing from the top and then from the bottom. It became so slanted that I thought it was ruined. I ended up ironing the heck out of it and it helped but then I unstitched it down the center and flipped it. Came out just fine. A young lady heading off to college won the quilt and was thrilled with it.

Happy Quilting